We encourage you to explore opportunities with Zimmer Biomet.  However, we want to caution all job seekers to be cautious of recruitment scams in which fraudsters pretend to represent prominent companies, such as Zimmer Biomet. Please exercise diligence and caution in your job search and consider the helpful information below.

What is recruitment fraud?

Fraudsters use elaborate schemes to offer fictitious job opportunities to job seekers. This fraud is often perpetrated through online services, such as fake websites, or through unsolicited emails claiming to be from a prominent company. These schemes often require job seekers to provide sensitive personal and financial data and/or to make payments as part of their illegitimate recruiting process. More information can be found here.

Where are Zimmer Biomet jobs posted?
Zimmer Biomet job applicants are required to apply only via our official Careers website.  Any posting that asks you to apply to a job at Zimmer Biomet that does not lead back to this site is likely to be fraudulent.

Here is some helpful information to consider:
  • Zimmer Biomet only utilizes one domain for email accounts (example@zimmerbiomet.com). Any contact by an email that does not use exactly that domain is likely to be fraudulent.
  • During the selection process, Zimmer Biomet typically conduct interviews either face-to-face or virtually.  However, Zimmer Biomet does not use messenger, Skype, Google Hangouts or other chat platforms for interviews.  Any interviews conducted on these chat platforms is likely to be fraudulent.  Additionally, any offer of employment that is unsolicited and/or does not involve an interview process is likely to be fraudulent.
  • Zimmer Biomet will not ask any applicant for identification information (passport, photo ID, etc.) or personal financial information (banking or credit card information) prior to a signed, official offer letter.  If you are being asked for this information earlier in the process, it is likely to be fraudulent.
  • Zimmer Biomet will not request any payment from applicants or ask for any transfer of money in the application process.

What can I do if I think I have been scammed?
  • Do not provide any additional information to the potential scammer.
  • Retain all copies of email, including any attachments and links that were provided to you.
  • Contact your local police to make a report.
  • Check your state‚Äôs fraud protection unit for more information.

For additional information, please see the following communications from the FBI and the FTC.